Born in 1983, I consider myself an (old?) millennial. While worried about climate change, our environment and the political far right, I'm occasionally enjoying a steak or fly to other parts of the world. I am trying, but not succeeding fully yet. At least my car drives on electricity.
I'm entrepreneur as co-founder of My heart lies within technology, especially on the web. I love a good challenge in my field. My strength is not just technical knowledge, but also the fact that I understand and can communicate with the business side of things. There is enough for me to improve in, I'm always working on that.
At home I enjoy the presence of the three most important factors in my life: my wife and my 2 daughters. They are also happy subjects for my photography hobby. Furthermore I play an occasional game on my Xbox and try to keep in shape by running at least twice a week. Though I ran multiple half marathons, the full marathon is still on my bucket list (time is precious..).
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